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29 January, 2017

Golf Love Story

Must Love Golf – The real beautiful game

Hello Golfhub,

So, over the Easter period I spent some time at the south coast which afforded me the opportunity to witness first hand many different golfing styles and course characters. The south coast is a blend of holiday goers and retirees who spend their closing years enjoying the tropical climate. Being someone that enjoys walking a course and spending some time on the 19th, I gained some amazing insight into the golfers themselves and the game at large.

Something that jumped out at me was the beauty of the game. The way this game of ours blends together a mixture of very young golfers, male golfers, female golfers and the “established” golfers enjoying their retirement. Which other sport can really place 4 players together for a “game” varying in age from 7 to 70 years of age? It’s such a beautiful thing to see a grandfather being able to teach his grandson the ins and outs of course management, technique tips whilst both are enjoying a day out in nature.

I wonder how often we stop to truly appreciate the beauty of the game. It frustrates the heck out of us, I hate this game at least once a week but at the same time can’t get enough of it! The way golf brings together people from all walks of life is unlike any other sport in the world. Yes, football brings together masses BUT only in a frantic rant for the team on the pitch. Golf on the other gives you 4-5 hours to really get to know your playing partners and as Mr Gallico said, “If there is any larceny in a man, golf will bring it out”. A round of golf is the best way to genuinely get to know someone!

Something I’ve noticed in our GolfHub socials is the way that golf forms friendships regardless of background. You could be a waiter playing with a quantum physicist and you’ll get along because of your common love of this great game. One of my members, came to his first social day in January. He, like many golfers, doesn’t have many golfing pals so he decided to give our social a shot. This member is now at every social and well known throughout our group. You could say he has found his “family” of nutters who scurry across a golf course searching for a little white ball and after 4 excruciating hours of doing so, sit back, have a beer and discuss what just transpired on the course.

As each generation comes through we have a new batch of youngsters that are learning to play with pops at the driving range. I’ve seen the dads at the driving range, it brings them an immense sense of pride when they walk in with their boys or girls and the young ones are carrying their clubs. I can think of no better way for a father to spend his Sunday afternoon than with his kiddo on a golf course, be it a Par 3 or full course. Even a bunch of mates that aren’t necessarily the best golfers love a get together for a round and beers.

Golf truly is the ultimate game of family and friendships.

Happy golfing,


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