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18 January, 2017
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Its a mans world Or is it?

Hello GolfHub

Alright so today the topic of conversation is female golfers in the industry as a whole and on the golf course. If you’re a macho man, now is the time to click away from this post because this isn’t going to be your favourite blog entry!

So let’s start with the basics, playing golf. We’ve all had that conversation where we discuss the hot golfer chick that played in the 4 ball in front of us. The conversation usually stops there. Very seldom do we take it a step further and think, perhaps we should be more lenient with lady golfers on the course (rate of play) because that way we all enjoy this beautiful game. Lady golfers generally end up with the short end of the stick because they can’t play at the same rate of play as a man which isn’t necessarily down to ability, it’s just lack of exposure on a big course because of the aforementioned intimidation. My wife is a perfect example, she has a decent swing and would love to play golf BUT she’s too intimidated by the male presence to even play at our local 9 hole mashie.

All things considered, there is a certain time limit that is required in order for the field to progress at a reasonable rate to not have us playing a round of golf in 6 hours. In all honesty, I’ve played behind many male golfers that play slow enough to resemble a snail but have voices loud enough to rival an elephant when there is a “slow play” lady beginner in front of them. Either we need to all learn to get along and deal with it or perhaps the courses should take the risk of keeping say Mondays as ladies days. It’s a risk for a golf course because they close off all potential business from male golfers but in the bigger picture, if we can get a few thousand additional ladies involved then perhaps the short term sacrifice will be rewarded in the long run. Either way there has to be a sacrifice made.

I don’t own or operate a golf course so I welcome comments from golf course staff below to share their insights on what possible solutions may be.

I myself have no problems with patience. All my members know if they play with me it’s going to be a chilled round with lots of laughs and relaxation. In any GolfHub day that I play in, I have one constant partner, Anelda. We have our little laughs about longest drive or closest to the pin but I’ve never seen her as less of a golfer than any other playing partner. I treat her with the same respect as I would any male golfer, no more no less, just an equal. My only pickle with ladies golf is when I play with Bonita because she drives 300m+, she should play Mens tees! LOL! Bonita is an exceptional golfer though, European Tour card so it’s to be expected from her.

Next facet, lady golfers as PGA Professionals.

I myself am guilty of this part so I criticise myself equally in this section. If a girl introduces herself as a PGA Professional then it doesn’t have the same impact as a guy saying he’s a PGA Professional. This is probably down to society ideals enforced on us but I believe that time has long gone now. If you walk into a golf shop and a fully qualified PGA Pro assists you with a fitting, there should be ZERO difference whether it’s a male or female. They both went through the same process to get that qualification!

I think I speak collectively on behalf of the ladies PGA members that they don’t want our pity now because they are female but I believe if we start changing the process of changing our thoughts / attitude towards female PGA members and respect the hard work they’re putting in to try follow their dream that they’re passionate about by at the very least treating them as equals it’ll go a long way in supporting the growth in the game for girls. It’s the least our lady PGA members deserve, they’re fighting to get into a mans world as the saying goes.

It’s not an overnight process, as with any social conditioning these things take time but if we each start within ourselves today, 5 years from today we have a reconditioned perception about woman in golf.


Happy golfing




  1. Ans van der walt says: daughter studied golf got the degree and second degree honneurs and currently busy with masters degree..and can’t get a well paid job becauce she is a female…what do one do to change that attitude

  2. Jurie says:

    The golf industry as a whole is quite saturated at the moment @Ans . It is a shame though. Please email me her CV then I will pass around to a few contacts to see if we can’t help her out.

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